Janni and Janni

Specialising in sneakers and trainers Paris based Janni & Janni design up to the minute fashion forward footwear for a modern lifestyle. Comfortable and affordable, their collections always feature a colourful variety of styles to suit all ages and looks.

Paradiso Couture

Paradiso Couture, based in Manchester, specialise in working with some of the best Italian producers of linen and cotton garments. Classic, timeless and comfortable style are their hallmark and, whilst maintaining a consistent theme of vibrant colours and simple shapes, they always manage to bring a touch of originality to each piece in every...

Relance Shoes

Classic women's footwear styling, but certainly not lacking the quirky edge that Black Truffle always seeks out for it's footwear collections, Relance Shoes always deliver affordable quality and comfortable styles that stand out from the crowd and manage to offer something special without being slaves to the latest fashion trend. Looked-after...