White women's lace up shoe in perforated leather - Black Truffle

White women's lace up shoe in perforated leather


Women's flat lace up shoe in perforated leather. Beautifully soft and comfortable, this women's lace up is the ultimate summer shoes and can even serve you well throughout the year due to its quality construction and use of premium leather that, if well looked-after, should wear well despite the light colour. It's also available in black.

Bother the white and black versions are very stylish and definitely add a distinctive spot of chic to just about any outfit. Dressed down with jeans of even sweats, there's something casual about this shoe - probably due to the lightweight sole - that makes it extremely easy to wear but at the same time the perforated leather elevates it to something beyond a bog standard lace up. Also the perforations to the leather are more of a pronounced diamond shaped punch-hole than simple piercing so this really lends a directional feel to the overall aesthetic.

Again this model has been produced exclusively for Black Truffle by Relance of Portugal who we cannot wax more lyrical about as a Brand and manufacturer. 

Product code: 6905WHITE