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Relance Shoes

Classic women's footwear styling, but certainly not lacking the quirky edge that Black Truffle always seeks out for it's footwear collections, Relance Shoes always deliver affordable quality and comfortable styles that stand out from the crowd and manage to offer something special without being slaves to the latest fashion trend.

Looked-after with care, a pair of Relance Shoes are a wardrobe footwear staple that will prove worth the investment for years to come - as many Black Truffle fans of this unique shoe brand testify. 

Black Truffle has been working with Portuguese manufacturer Relance for many years - ever since Melissa first spied their fantastic collection in Milan during one of her twice seasonal footwear buying trips to Italy.

Privately owned, Relance bring their collections to Milan each season and, tho have next to no retail presence in the UK beyond Black Truffle, the company has a global client base and excellent reputation for it's quality and professionalism within the footwear industry. Most, it not all of the lines Relance produce for Black Truffle are exclusive to us. We're are most certainly amongst one of their smallest clients and are very honoured to work with such a wonderful supplier. 

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