As part of our ongoing series of interviews with design creatives and generally interesting folk we admire, Black Truffle owner Melissa Needham recently had the opportunity to chat with Jewellery Designer Jo Mcallister about her practice and the unique techniques she uses to produce her pieces.

Jo has been applying her signature technique to create unique jewellery pieces since 1999. Made in pure silver, 18ct yellow, green and white gold and 22ct yellow gold, Jo’s work demonstrates a simplicity of form but not content.

Initially prompted by the deceptive qualities of desert light and the desiccation of natural and man-made textures within those landscapes, Jo uses stones as hammer and anvil, to craft subtly undulating surfaces and edges. Percussive disruptions made with Stone Age tools impart a sense of fragility in contrast to a bold presence more suggestive of monolithic forms and large sculpture.

Click below to watch the full interview with Jo that was initially broadcast live on Instagram on Jun 11, 20120 

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